Wilderness camp in Malå AB

Vildmarkscampingen is located just outside Malå. There you will find a stately 8-edge forest cabin with seating for up to 50 guests. It serves lunch and dinner with local ingredients if desired. Down by the water you will find a fireplace, wood-fired sauna and hot tub. You can also learn about Sami culture, experience Sami food traditions and meet the mythical reindeer.

During summer fish tours is offered. The pond is stocked with char, which offers great fishing opportunities. Fishing trips with a local guide are offered in Malås lakes and streams where pike, perch and trout are found.

Activities offered by Wilderness Camp

  • Lunches and/or dinners incl. Accessories.
  • Access to sauna and hot tub, incl. wood.
  • A unique experience of Sami culture and reindeer encounters.
  • Ice fishing during the winter season.
  • Summer fishing from boat and shore.
  • Genuine accommodation in cabins for small groups where you sleep in sleeping bags on reindeer hide with only the fire as a source of heat.

All their experiences can be booked individually, or combined in a stylish way, according to your wishes.


E-mail: info@vildmarkscamp.se

Phone: +46703764847